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J. E. Duffy

Sponge-dwelling snapping shrimp Synalpheus

About Dr. Chak 

My interest in marine biology started after I worked at the Swire Institute of Marine Science in Hong Kong, where I studied marine organisms like coral, limpets, and urchins. I also started research diving and witnessed the diversity and dynamics of benthic marine ecosystems. After four years in Hong Kong, I decided to combine my interest in evolution and behavior with marine biology to pursue a doctoral degree at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) under the supervision of J. Emmett Duffy. I was a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University in Dustin Rubenstein's lab and postdoctoral research associate at NJIT in Phil Barden's Lab.


I joined the Biological Sciences Department at SUNY Old Westbury in 2020.


2002 - 2005

Iowa State University

Bachelor of Science in Biology

2005 - 2007

University of Wyoming

Master of Science in Zoology and Physiology

2011 - 2016

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

College of William and Mary

PhD in Marine Science

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